About the Site…

Welcome to FixedImagery.com.  This site is a showcase for my photography, along with any anecdotes or thoughts I may have regarding these images.

When writing about a photo, one can only do so much to make technique and camera settings the least bit interesting. I will do my best to provide some background and include my motivations for creating an image. Why did I choose to frame the shot in this way? What drew my eye to the scene? Why did I choose a particular process for the image? What makes one photograph resonate with me more than another? My goal is to give those interested some explanation of the process, and maybe a little insight into how I view the world.

Please bring your opinions to the site as well. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments area under each photo. If you’d rather just email me, you can do that too. Share the page with friends or colleagues if you think they might be interested. Subscribe to be notified of new posts and images.

Ultimately it’s about the images, and I hope you enjoy them regardless of my ramblings.

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