Superstitions IV

May 14, 2011 at 04:02pm PST

Apache Junction, Arizona

This photograph was taken at The Lost Dutchman State Park just outside of Apache Junction Arizona. After a couple of hours of hiking around the desert, I had discovered the challenge of shooting something big like this mountain.  Mountains, being very large and mountain-like, tend to present the same face regardless of how much you walk around in front of them or how many different angles you try.  In an attempt to get away from this sameness, I found a tall cactus that I liked and aimed my camera up to meet it.  By lowering the horizon in the frame and taking advantage of the cloudless sky, I was able to create a lot of empty space.  This space, along with the prominent cactus in the foreground, have really helped to change the scale of the mountain and gave me a photo that was different enough to be my favorite of the day.

The Shot:

Canon 400D | Sigma 17-70mm | Focal Length: 17mm  |  ISO: 100  |  Exposure: 1/50 second @ f/18

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